Gorrie-Regan-Business-EthicsWe believe that we should honor and glorify God in all that we do.

We believe that when customers and prospective customers seek our opinions in the areas of our experience, it is our moral duty to serve that trust and never take advantage of the trust they have placed in us

Perhaps the best way to surmise what we believe may be explained by the following event that once took place within the walls of our office.

An intern from a local university was working within our marketing department approached our Chairman, Charles Regan Sr. and asked if he would agree to be interviewed for an essay that she was assigned. “Certainly,” he said, “what is the topic of the paper?” The intern then replied that the assignment was to compare business ethics vs. ethics in general. Mr. Regan then replied… “young lady, there is no difference. Ethics are ethics”. Thus became the theme of her paper for which she received an A. Charles Regan’s statement best exemplifies what we believe at Gorrie-Regan.

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