Total Building Solution

One Solution for Intrusion, Video, Access, Energy, Automation & More

Total Building Solution is an advanced yet simple cloud-managed platform, with an intuitive interface, intelligent automation features, and no servers or software to buy and manage. Gain smarter control and better insight for your business from anywhere in the world using one single mobile app and browser-based dashboard. 

Screenshot of the app open on a phone

Closing for the night just got simpler

Smart automation features allow you and your employees to simplify daily routines and focus more on the business.

“At the end of the day, I can press a single button in the mobile app and automatically arm our security system, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, and shut off the lights.” 

“We use Total Building Solution to automate our warehouse fans and thermostats, lowering our energy costs.”

Know what happens in real-time

Get notified immediately when something happens or needs attention. Custom activity alerts and reports are at the ready so you can quickly respond to issues with better insight. And our 24/7 Health Monitoring provides both you and our service team a proactive approach to solving problems as they occur.

“Our water sensor alerted us to a serious leak in the middle of the night… the damage would have been much worse without the early warning!”

List of video analytics features

Let your cameras do the heavy lifting

Utilize your camera’s advanced technology to identify activity trends in and around your business. Intelligent analytics help you track the movement of people through your facility, identify group gatherings, minimize productivity issues, and visualize customer traffic patterns to determine the best time to open another register or where to relocate your newest sale display.

“It’s nice having a video system that does more than just record cameras. The business activity analytics help us streamline operations and maintain a culture of accountability.”

Multiple locations? No problem

Keeping an eye on multiple locations across your business can be challenging. Lower your infrastructure costs and streamline security operations without geographical constraints. Total Building Solution effortlessly combines all your sites into a single easy to use mobile app and dashboard.

“For years we had to log into five different systems to manage the security for our franchise. Now we can view video, change a schedule, or revoke an employee’s access card at any branch using a smartphone.”

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