Licensed/Self-Hosted Software

Licensed-Self-Hosted-Software-SystemLicensed/Self-Hosted software is owned by the purchaser and typically resides on local computers and servers. This type of system does not require an internet connection and can be directly accessed onsite to manage the time tracking needs of large complex organizations. Time tracking software allows businesses to proactively monitor employee hours, schedules, time off, and more. Access to overtime and part-time hours is available by simply logging into the software where the calculations are ready and up-to-date based on your requirements. In addition to the vast array of features, below are some additional options that may fit your organization’s needs:

Employee Self Service:

A powerful yet easy to use software giving employees access to view information and communicate with managers. Take the pressure off Human Resources, Supervisors and Payroll managers by providing employees with up-to-date time and attendance, paid time off and schedule information. Employees can punch from a pc workstation, request time off which flows to managers for approval, view timecard, view schedules, transfer department or labor code and send messages to their supervisor.

Leave Management:

How well is your company managing employee paid time off requests? Our time system delivers an accurate, fair and efficient means of tracking time off requests. Managers and employees can view an up-to-date balance of remaining time off. Employees can request time off from a computer or smart device which notifies their manager by email and the manager web portal. Managers can view the request with accurate balances and information for employees already scheduled off or requesting time off on the desired dates. Upon approval, the time off is automatically placed into the future schedule.


Accrued benefits are benefits that automatically accrue (hours) time to an employee’s benefit bank. The amount of accrual is configurable by rules you define for each benefit and by employee types. Replace your manual spread sheet or paper system with correct calculations and balances for both management and employees to view. Many payroll systems attempt to calculate accruals and often times lack the calculation power to keep totals updated and correct. The American Payroll Association states that on average many companies pay 1.5 days more than what should be paid to employees for paid time off due to manual inaccuracies.

Incidents & Points:

The Incidents & Points module alerts you to employees whose absences are costing you… in terms of money, lost productivity, and employee morale. The Incidents & Points module accurately identifies attendance trends and helps you enforce absence management policies. Define your specific attendance points policy and keep an accurate record of employee attendance. This could be a reward for perfect attendance or a disciplinary action for continuing poor attendance. Accuracy is a must in today’s litigious society and management must be detailed and applied fairly to all employees.

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