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Time-Clock-System-ServicesTime and attendance software, sometimes called time tracking software, is software that tracks employee working time while applying an organization’s wage and pay rate rules to automatically calculate your gross payroll totals. This type of software allows businesses to proactively monitor employee hours, schedules, time off, and more. Access to overtime and part-time hours is available by simply logging into the software where the calculations are ready and up-to-date based on your requirements.

The process begins at the start of an employee’s shift, when a worker clocks in at the time clock with a card, badge, or by using their hand or fingerprint. This initiates the time tracking software to automate, evaluate and manage that employee’s time information, while still meeting the dependability, accuracy and security requirements of even the largest organizations. Our time tracking software automates the employee time tracking process by allowing you to utilize the following features:

  • Track employee hours worked
  • Automate leave management processes
  • Automate complex payroll policies and calculations
  • Simplify regulatory compliance and wage audits
  • Customize reporting and data displays

Simply put, time and attendance software and services take the work out of complex employee scheduling, labor and wage calculation which can help drastically reduce payroll costs.

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City of College Park – College Park, GA

The City of College Parks Public Works Department is well pleased with Attendance Enterprise hand scan time clock.  The support team is excellent!  Quick response time and hands-on until issues are resolved!

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