With a constantly moving and changing workforce, you need clock options that are as flexible as possible. We have made it easy to track even your most on the go employees with clocking options that range from biometric and badge readers to smart devices and dial-in numbers. We are sure to have a solution that works for your employees.


Employees clocking in for one another is a costly occurrence that can happen in any company. Implementing a technology requiring employees to use fingerprint, and/or facial recognition, ensuring that the employee is physically present. Not only does this save your company from paying stolen time, but it also encourages the employee to be on time.


IT3100-Badge-Terminal-ClockBadge Clocks

The most common method of employee time tracking is through the use of badges. Badge technology includes barcode, proximity/RFID (radio frequency identification) and magstripe. Using badges is an economical way to provide companies with the tools they need to track employees’ time.


Smart-Devices-Tablet-Mobile-PhoneSmart Devices

Smart Phones and tablets are such a staple in today’s working environment making them efficient tools to accurately track attendance. Utilizing smart devices from an employee and supervisor standpoint can increase productivity in business by conveniently allowing employees to remotely access the system. Without the need to be tethered to a computer or time clock, employees and supervisors are able to take productivity to a new level.



Access information, communicate with management, and provide employees with up-to-date time and attendance, paid time off and schedule information by simply using your computer. Convenient features allow employees to punch from a pc workstation, request time off, view timecard, view schedules, transfer department or labor code and send messages to their supervisor.

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