Security-AccessAs the name implies, the purpose of any access control system is to regulate where a credentialed user is physically allowed to go and when he/she is allowed to be there. In addition, centrally managed access control systems also keep a record of every event and time of occurrence. This record includes access granted, access denied, system alarms, intrusion alarms and much more. Reports can be generated manually or automatically to provide system administrators with actionable data for intelligent decision-making.

Entry or exit point access can be controlled through a variety of technologies including:

  • Standard Proximity Cards
  • Smart Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Barcode
  • Fingerprint, Hand Geometry or Retinal Scanning Biometrics
  • Smart Phone/NFC

Access control systems may also be integrated with video surveillance, intrusion detection, time & attendance, building management, parking control and other business systems. Integration of systems provides a holistic and unified solution to the challenges of managing facilities, human resources and the security of both.

In general, access control systems can be categorized in one of two ways. Each method has its own advantages.


  • Software and server located on-premise
  • No Internet connection required
  • Easily manage the security needs of large complex facilities


  • No servers required
  • No software upgrades to worry about
  • Administer the system from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Easily manage multiple facilities from anywhere in the world

With so many options available, choosing the correct access control system can be daunting. Gorrie-Regan’s team of security design experts is here to help you explore your options and discover the solution that is right for your organization. Give us a call or contact us today for more information.

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