Parking can be more than just gates and revenue. With our extensive experience, we understand that not all parking needs are the same. With so many diverse requirements in the parking industry, below are several other beneficial options that we can use to create a custom solution for you.

Telephone-Entry-SystemTelephone Entry Systems

There are two main types of telephone entry systems which allow access to a building or property: key-code and voice access. With the key code option, only users with the proper code simply enter it onto the keypad and access is granted. To gain access without a key code requires that you use the voice access option to speak with an occupant or other authorized personnel in order to be “buzzed in.”



The main purpose of a turnstile is to allow access to only one person at a time and can even be made to enforce one-way traffic of people. For additional security measures, turnstiles can restrict access so that only people with appropriate credentials can enter (i.e. badge, ticket, coin, pass, or similar). This can be in the case of paid access or granting access for those to enter an office building.


Credentialed Access

Credentialed access allows users to restrict entry through the use of credentials such as cards, key fobs, and access control readers.

Credentialed-Access-Card-ReaderKey Pad:
Requires the use of PINs to gain access. These PINs are specific to an individual and can be either temporary or permanent.

AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification):
Ensure fast and convenient access and egress with a long range Proximity/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader allowing read distances up to 25 ft. Credential options include stickers for windshield, window, or headlamp as well as hanging tags.

Card Readers:
Available in magnetic stripe, proximity, AVI, barcode and smartcard technologies. A combination of these technologies can even be available in a standalone reader, called a multi-tech reader. These readers are ideal for facilities where multiple card technologies are required to accommodate a variety of users.



Prefabricated booths are convenient as well as quick and easy to deploy onsite. After you design or select your booth, it arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Therefore, minimal time and labor is required, reducing the length of your overall project.


Multi-space Meters


Typically used for on-street parking and small lots, multi-space meters allow patrons to pay for parking using coins, bills, credit cards, smart cards and even cell phones. These meters do not show unused time from a previous customer, therefore all customers pay for their parking. This increase of revenue and expected reduction of operating expenses usually results in a return on investment of less than two years. Multi-space meters allow for parking payments in one of two ways:

Pay & Display:
Allows the customer to pay at the meter and place a receipt on the dash or window as proof of payment. With this method, there is no need for pre-marked spaces, allowing more cars to park in the designated areas.

Pay by Space:
Allows a customer to park in a numbered space and pay the fee for that space in the nearest meter. With this method, the customer does not need to return to their car to place their receipt, has the option to add time to their space at any meter, and even has the option to pay remotely by cell phone.



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