Parking Services

Parking-Services-Pay-Station-TicketParking is a need common to any and all organizations, whether you are a hospital, business, city or anything in between, therefore you must meet the needs of your parkers. But similar to the diversity and variety that you find in these organizations, there is also a great difference in the parking needs for each industry. Below are a few examples of the different parking options that we offer:

On-Street Parking Options:

  • Single Space Meters
  • Multi Space Meters
  • Payment App (iPhone/Android)

Off-Street Parking Options:

  • Parking Gate
  • Pay Station
  • Ticket Station
  • Entry/Exit Station
  • Card Reader
  • Fee Computer

Whether it is something as simple as installing a single parking gate or as complex as a parking access and revenue control system, Gorrie-Regan has an expert team of professionals ready to work with you, creating a custom parking solution specifically designed for your needs.

What Others Are Saying About Our Parking Services

St. Vincent’s Hospital – Birmingham, AL

Whenever we call, Gorrie-Regan is always there. They always come in a timely manner. I just love working with Paul Dooley [Service Coordinator] he is a great person to work with. He really meets me/us at our needs.

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