Good afternoon,
Please take a minute to read the email I received this afternoon. It is copied below… I have also attached a picture of the trophies we received from InfoTronics/AoD this previous week at the awards ceremony. It is an honor to work with such great people! Have a wonderful weekend. Charlie

Good Afternoon Mr. Regan,

My name is David Ellis and our companies have been doing business for more years than I can remember. I wanted to take a moment and tell you directly, that doing business with your company has been a pleasure.

You have been true with your pricing from day one, your service people that we see annually are high caliber, well trained representatives and  the only time we needed service it was top rate and quick. My thanks for not always trying to get into my pocket and I just wish more companies that we do business with, operated like Gorrie-Regan. From where I sit, you have a top notch company and I want to congratulate you on that achievement. Job well done!

All the Best,
David  Ellis

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