In the course of my duties at Gorrie-Regan, I find myself attending many different conferences both professional and for other organizations.  They can vary greatly as some are product related and others are associated with boards on which I serve. One common theme of discussions is the effort to help middle aged people like me to better understand The Millennial generation.

For the record, I am not really sure what a millennial is. I assume that it is the 20 something’s  I see in all the coffee shops with their cell phones seemingly attached to their hand. But I am serious when I say that a great deal of time spent with my various groups is preparing us to target this younger demographic. As in time, they will be the leaders (and buyers) of tomorrow. So I pay attention and listen to the talking points of what I am supposed to know.

The main theme we constantly hear is that it seems  millennial  are not as driven by money or power as it is said of their predecessors. For the record, I don’t remember my generation being so inclined… but I digress. It seems that the most important thing to the millennial is to be part of something… especially part of something big and noble. With the widespread use of social media, this demographic is very well equipped to take the smallest campaign to the world stage. I constantly see evidence of this new phenomenon and it is overwhelming.

With all due respect, I would remind everyone that we are doing this very thing at Gorrie-Regan. All of the things that we do and the services that we provide are needed, mission critical aspects for business and institutions. They are true needs…not wants. They are vital to the survival of those we serve. Just like a farm that grows the crops or the fireman and other first responders, Gorrie-Regan is needed and necessary. We are not some fluff store at the mall or some online retailer that sells nice handbags.

The point of this story is that we are all embraced in serving a great cause right here at this company. The work that you do is noble…Clearly, it may not be as ‘feel good’ as saving  the baby harp seals,  but those that we serve have real issues. And there is no greater calling than helping those in need. We are in the business of solving problems on a daily basis.  That, my friends, is noble.

So what can we learn from the millennials? That it is indeed a valiant pursuit to want to a part of something bigger than yourself. You are doing it right now! Think about that the next time you are speaking with a customer in need of your help. I appreciate the reminder from the younger generation…this old dog is all about learning new tricks. But I will say no thank you to those skinny jeans.

Thank you for all that you do. Charlie

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