Happy Thursday Everyone!

In honor of Get To Know Your Customers Day, we reached out to one of our most valued customers for a quick interview. Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina is located on Goat Island!! Special, thanks to their Human Resources Director, Cassandra Crombie for taking the time to answer a few questions!

Question 1: How did you learn about Gorrie-Regan?
Answer: Gurney’s learned about us through Davidson Hotels.  They transitioned from Davidson Hotels to Gurney’s resorts in January of 2017.

Question 2: What challenges has our product helped your company overcome?
Answer: Cassandra  loves the organization that working with Gorrie-Regan has afforded their resort.  She says that it has helped to keep the associates accountable, as they are able to track them much more efficiently, and she especially loves that they are unable to punch in if they are not scheduled.

Question 3: What’s an interesting fact about your company that you would like everyone to know?
Answer: The most interesting fact about Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina is that they have brought on two new team members, who happen to be goats.  They have their own, custom built mansion, which overlooks  the beautiful view of Newport Bridge and Harbor!

They are located on Goat Island, thus the reason for the goats being brought on as team members~

Check out Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina on the web and on Facebook!

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