What does it mean to be service-hearted? The word service has its roots in the word “serve”. To serve mean to be of use. It can also mean to be favorable, opportune, or convenient and worth of reliance or trust. As a result, a person that serves discharges a duty or function. So, with serve being at the root of service, it stands to reason that service is the act of serving. It’s the act of being of use to the world and whatever portion of the world we’re in. As a result of our usefulness, the people that we come into contact with can trust that what we provide is of quality and is favorable.

Gorrie-Regan embraces service and requires those we work with to be service-hearted.

What does that look like? Because service requires empathy, it looks like putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes. That’s what empathy is. Putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes helps us to communicate in manner that shows that we care before we can put what we know into action. This approach also helps to exceed our customer’s expectations. Viewing challenges, concerns, and opportunities from our customers standpoint helps us to see ways that we can go beyond their expectations. When we take this approach, it leaves them feeling great about themselves and the decision they made to go with Gorrie-Regan.


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