Have you ever experienced a customer service issue? Maybe it was at your house or working with another vendor on the job site, or even at a restaurant. Maybe it was a vendor that you have a great relationship with but still had a bad experience.

Whatever the case, the customer service issue stems from the fact that it appears that you and the service provider aren’t on the same page.

And if we’ll be honest, it’s a very frustrating scenario.

Late last year, the president of our company, Charlie Regan Jr. challenged us to revisit the core values of our company. Our core values reflect the way that we do business and treat our customers. One of those core values is Strive For Excellence. Clearly, this is a lofty goal. However, as Charlie told us, it’s succeeding on a small level. What does that look like you might ask?

For us, it looks like a prompt response when an issue has been identified. It’s working to ensure that we are properly trained and well informed. It’s coming to work every day with the intent of being our customer’s favorite vendor. It’s making ourselves better every day by listening to our customers, improving our processes, and being open and intentional about making changes.

Our intentions are clear. Every day we are challenged to strive for excellence. This does not mean perfection. This means delivering quality work and enjoying the journey to quality. This is what Gorrie-Regan strives for and this is the culture we promote.

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